In Prague live, means to live in Prague.

Lokality Prahy

The capital of Czech Republic is a place you you'll never forget. The beautiful historic center, quiet suburbs and all amenities on your doorstep. Prague has many forms and they can not be all discovered during the moments.

Prague mother of cities - this motto was part of the character of the capital city of Prague since 1927.

Prague Heart of Europe - Prague is situated in the center of Europe and the distance to the Baltic Sea is over 600 km, the North Sea over 700 km, as well as to the Adriatic Sea .

Hundred-spired Prague - this designation apparently first used by writer Josef Hormayer early 19th century. Prague towers were first counted mathematician and philosopher Bernard Bolzano and reached the number of 103, without waterworks and private homes. In the first period people counted 400 towers but currently there are around 500.

Golden Prague - the name may have come from the time of Emperor and King of Bohemia Charles IV. When the spiers of Prague Castle was gold. Another theory says that it acquired this attribute Prague Rudolf II., Who supported alchemists in search of gold .

Praha 1

Prague 1

Holešovice, Hradčany, Josefov, Kampa, Malá Strana, Nové Město, Staré Město, Vinohrady

The Only ONE Perfectly Centered

Prague 1 (“Jednička”) with its historical center is a unique region that has no parallel in the world. The spirit of the place and its premium locations make it very attractive especially for foreigners. It is intended for people with the highest standards. Just one single Jednička is unique!

Praha 2

Prague 2

Folimanka, Nové Město, Nusle, Podskalí, Vinohrady, Vyšehrad

Listen to the Subconscious

The SECOND CENTER, this is without exaggeration how Prague 2 (“Dvojka”) can be perceived; interwoven with public transport, accessible from the outside, yet peaceful, with incredible amounts of natural greenery. A concentrated cocktail of all one can only imagine. Dignified space for living for people who want to experience the city and still be on top of things.

Praha 3

Prague 3

Jarov, Malešice, Olšany, Strašnice, Vinohrady, Vysočany, Žižkov

“Trojka” (Prague 3) Is Not Odd

The heart of Trojka is in Žižkov. The unmistakable atmosphere of the eastern center district enchants visitors and surprises also the denizens. Functional infrastructure and great public facilities are the main advantages of the region. Prague 3 offers its residents a relaxing and peaceful retreat close to the centre.

Praha 4

Prague 4

Braník, Chodov, Háje, Hodkovičky, Kamýk, Komořany, Krč, Kunratice, Lhotka, Libuš, Michle, Modřany, Nusle, Písnice, Podolí, Průhonice, Šeberov, Spořilov, Točná, Újezd, Vinohrady, Záběhlice

Four Districts Are Not Enough

The Prague 4 city district is extensive, ranging from the city center to the sought-after peripheral locations of Kunratice, Průhonice and Újezd​​. It meets all the demands of most of the residents on quality housing with a high degree of traffic accessibility and is rich in public facilities. And how to characterize Čtyřka (Prague 4) in four words? DIVERSE, QUIET, ACCESSIBLE and LIVELY.

Praha 5

Prague 5

Barrandov, Břevnov, Hlubočepy, Holyně, Jinonice, Košíře, Lahovice, Lipence, Lochkov, Malá Strana, Motol, Radlice, Radotín, Řeporyje, Slivenec, Smíchov, Stodůlky, Třebonice, Újezd, Velká Chuchle, Zadní Kopanina, Zbraslav, Zlíchov, Zličín

The World in Five Letters – ANGEL....., and Not Only Him

The fifth Prague district is one of the largest in the city. Due to its location and orientation it is in many ways comparable to Šestka (Prague 6) and Čtyřka (Prague 4). The territory lying between the left bank of the Vltava River and the old Plzeňská street is the ideal place to live for families with children, students and expats. “Pĕtka” (Prague 5) is easily accessible from the city center, the west and south of Prague. And its heart? It beats at Andĕl (Angel).

Praha 6

Prague 6

Břevnov, Bubeneč, Dejvice, Hanspaulka, Horoměřice, Hradčany, Liboc, Lysolaje, Nebušice, Ořechovka, Přední Kopanina, Ruzyně, Sedlec, Statenice, Střešovice, Suchdol, Tuchoměřice, Veleslavín, Vokovice

Leave the SIXTH Sense at Home | ŠESTKA (Prague 6) Near and Far

The distinctiveness of the urban region of Prague 6 is in its unique position toward the center and the periphery of the metropolis. The geographic location and excellent infrastructure predispose this area for quality life for all, both single people and families with children. Although this is a location with the serial number six, it can be number one in many respects.

Praha 7

Prague 7

Bubeneč, Holešovice, Letná, Libeň, Podbaba, Troja

SEVEN Days Is Not Enough

Prague 7 (“Sedmička”) offers a huge number of various activities. It is easily accessible from the center and the surroundings of the city, and yet so much connected with nature. It is simply an excellent space to live for both individuals and families with children. In Sedmička anyone can accentuate their individuality.

Praha 8

Prague 8

Bohnice, Březiněves, Čimice, Ďáblice, Dolní Chabry, Invalidovna, Karlín, Kobylisy, Libeň, Palmovka, Prosek, Střížkov, Troja

The Eighth Continent Discovered

Prague 8 is a large area stretching from the historical center all the way to the outskirts of the city in the north. It offers its residents a peaceful living, stable infrastructure and adequate public facilities, and all this while maintaining an excellent accessibility of other attractive localities in Prague. A wide range of different forms of housing will appeal especially to families with children, but also couples and individuals.

Praha 9

Prague 9

Běchovice, Čakovice, Černý Most, Dolní Počernice, Hloubětín, Horní Počernice, Hostavice, Hrdlořezy, Kbely, Klánovice, Koloděje, Kyje, Letňany, Libeň, Malešice, Miškovice, Prosek, Satalice, Střížkov, Třeboradice, Újezd nad Lesy, Vinoř, Vysočany

99 Percent Active Life

Prague 9 (“Devítka”) is no longer the “Cinderella” of the capital. Its sensitively revitalized locations and tranquil peripheral regions offer generous space for all who choose it. And the selection is reasonable. Easy access, proximity to the center and plenty of opportunities to relax are its most apt characteristics. Devítka is on its way up and nothing will stop it.

Praha 10

Prague 10

Benice, Bohdalec, Dolní Měcholupy, Horní Měcholupy, Hostivař, Kolovraty, Královice, Křeslice, Lipany, Malešice, Michle, Nedvězí, Petrovice, Pitkovice, Štěrboholy, Strašnice, Uhříněves, Vršovice, Záběhlice, Zahradní Město

Ten Degrees to the Green

Prague 10 (“Desítka”) places the metropolis life into a different light. The open area in the southeast of the capital offers a variety of creations by the most famous architect, nature. Desítka is for residents across all social and age groups. Moreover, it is easily accessible and has a transport infrastructure, which generously respects its overall character.