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Prague 1 (“Jednička”) with its historical center is a unique region that has no parallel in the world. The spirit of the place and its premium locations make it very attractive especially for foreigners. It is intended for people with the highest standards. Just one single Jednička is unique!

True Majesty,

Quite rightly the Czech capital ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the whole world. It is no secret that the lion's share of this success is mainly thanks to Prague 1. The central part of the city, which lies on both banks of the Vltava River is formed by the Old Town, the Lesser Town, Hradčany and Josefov. It is the oldest sector of Prague, hiding the most valuable cultural and historical sites. Most visitors will certainly go see the picturesque Lesser Town and the Prague Castle, the lively Wenceslas Square, the historic Charles Bridge, the romantic Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock or the mysterious places of Kampa and Josefov. Places that show off their majesty at every step, places through which the history of the country had walked. The Old Prague will stimulate, caress and excite with its infinite beauty. The unique feature of most of the cultural sites of Prague is their authenticity, no replicas or substitution reconstruction. Everything is original, restored with the maximum care and awareness that the original must remain original. If you want to experience Prague 1 fully, reserve at least ONE YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

Primarily expats, individuals, couples and employees of foreign companies with their families will appreciate the attractive living in Jednička. The comfort and quality are in this case contrasted by very high real estate prices, which indirectly form the representation of the social strata of population that inhabit Prague 1. The vast majority of affordable housing here is in historical buildings and original tenement houses, adequately adapted to living standards at the highest level. The closest possible connection with the heart of the city and the diversity of provided services put Prague 1 on top among luxury residential areas in Europe. Prague is simply a historic city with a number of modern options for a truly extraordinary life.

Looking at the transport infrastructure of Prague 1, one may say, with a slight exaggeration, that to get anywhere from it is equally far and close. For residents the most effective transport solution is undoubtedly the use of public transport, especially the routes A and B of the Prague metro, which cover the most popular locations of the area with a dense network of stations. The effective network of tram tracks complements the metro and provides access to other major points of interest. Drivers can escape from Jednička at its eastern edge on the north-south arterial road with an easy connection to the Brno motorway and the city exits to the northern parts of the country. To get to the West and the Prague international Václav Havel Airport one can use the new Blanka Tunnel and the three main roads connecting to the large Prague Circle. Although Prague 1 represents the historical center of the modern city, its physical accessibility by most means of transportation is on an above-standard level.

One Year of Life

It is impossible, from any point of view, to describe Jednička in a few lines. The amount of the most diverse cultural and historical sites, entertainment and leisure complexes or educational institutions is enormous. How about going through the world of Jednička in one year then!?

In the SPRING Prague 1 awakens in Petřín. The first rays of the sun open the gates of the local orchards and lure trippers to the Petřín Tower, or to the nearby mirror maze. They can then continue on the unique funicular down to Újezd ​​and the Lesser Town where they can have a tasty lunch in one of the countless restaurants. Quiet digestion or short walks along Čertovka can be enjoyed in the Kampa Park close to the Sovovy Mlýny (Sova's Mills). For evening entertainment it is only a short walk over the Charles Bridge into the vortex of the city center.

SUMMER in Jednička offers the most attractions. The tour of the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathedral and the surrounding gardens is beautiful and certainly also exhausting. Below the Old Castle Steps at the Malostranské námětí (Lesser Town Square), however, one can find refreshment in traditional restaurants, bars and pubs. The afternoon boat trip, or just sitting on the Vltava River bank guarantee a unique experience. A walk along the Royal Route or through the old Jewish Quarter of Prague towards Josefov all the way to František can be an impressive end to the day.

AUTUMN is associated with the beginning of the school year; therefore, Prague 1 swarms with students of different schools and disciplines. It is the seat of the famous Charles University and its several faculties. You can meet young artists studying at the local conservatory and other art schools. These schools bring up many artists who will please the ears and eyes of culture lovers in the Rudolfinum, Žofín and especially in the golden chapel, the National Theatre.

WINTER will force the visitors and locals to take shelter in theaters, clubs and restaurants, of which Jednička offers a countless number. However, putting on an overcoat and a hat can also be a great way to extraordinary experiences. The Advent markets between the Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) and the Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) are becoming increasingly popular. To drink a cup of mulled wine under the Prague Astronomical Clock or in the shade of the Týn Cathedral certainly has its charm. Příkopy and Náměstí republiky offer opportunities to shop for the whole family.

And the end of the year? Celebrations in the center of Prague are rightfully one of the most sought after in the whole Europe.

It seems that Prague 1 abounds only in superlatives. Naturally, it depends on the preferences and the context of the assessment. However, when considering living in a beautiful historical center with high standard services, one cannot but evaluate it as EXCELLENT.

Praha 1


Holešovice, Hradčany, Josefov, Kampa, Malá Strana (Lesser Town), Nové Město (New Town), Staré Město (Old Town) and part of Vinohrady

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