Ten Degrees to the Green

Prague 10 (“Desítka”) places the metropolis life into a different light. The open area in the southeast of the capital offers a variety of creations by the most famous architect, nature. Desítka is for residents across all social and age groups. Moreover, it is easily accessible and has a transport infrastructure, which generously respects its overall character.

Green Desítka

In card games, green ten has no essential meaning. The wider context of this phrase in regard to the capital, however, means very much. The close physical relationship with nature and the extensively pro environmentally focused public policies of Desítka make this region a place for a healthy life. As healthy as it is only possible in terms of a metropolis of contemporary Central Europe. The border of Prague 10 starts at the border of Vinohrady and Vršovice, the district is thus closely connected with the third and second parts of central Prague. All metropolitan conveniences are within reach and literally a matter of a few steps. The vast region then continues to the southeast along the main road to Říčany, near the Brno highway, the districts of Strašnice, Malešice, Záběhlice, Hostivař, Uhříněves and Kolovraty. Expats, individuals, couples and lovers of the big city hustle will find Vršovice particularly attractive. Other areas towards the periphery are suitable for living for nature lovers and families with children. The district provides a wide range of housing types from family houses, renovated tenement houses of different age to modern apartment buildings of recent years. The tenth city part is what no other part is.

The green statute of Desítka is also represented in its superior transport infrastructure, which is balanced and sensitive. The districts lying closest to the center of Prague have metro line A, which ensures a very fast connection between Strašnice and Hostivař. Motorists will welcome the easy accessibility of most of the territory of Prague 10 secured by major transport arterial roads, especially Jižní spojka (South Link). To get to Strašnice, Vršovice, Záběhlice, Zahradní město and Bohdalec it is enough just to drive off it. Jižní spojka is part of the internal Prague circuit road and thanks to the Štěrboholská road makes easier the access to regions that surround Prague from the east, south, and also west. For example, a drive to the Václav Havel International Airport from Desítka is a matter of thirty minutes maximum, although the airport is on the opposite side of the city. Also to get home from a train will not take too long for residents of Prague 10 thanks to the railway stations in Vršovice and Strašnice. Prague 10 is far and near, just right.

“Komu se nelení, tomu se zelení” / A Czech saying: “Who is not lazy has a green field”

Prague 10 offers schools of all categories. College applicants can use 3 local offers, or go to the nearby central districts. Forty primary schools and almost the same number of kindergartens are waiting for pupils from all over the region. Many of them include art programs, teaching of foreign languages ​​or sports. There are also secondary schools with a very diverse range of disciplines taught. There are nearly twenty of them and they are located more towards the center of Prague.

A Tenth of History, Culture and Leisure

It could seem that Prague 10, unlike other parts, does not offer a wide range of cultural and historical attractions. First of all, this is not entirely true and, moreover, the old Prague and other districts are only a stone's throw away. However, the cultural heritage here is not represented by vast monument complexes, but rather separate buildings, such as churches, significant houses, farmhouses and manor houses that create the unmistakable atmosphere of the whole area. As an example it is necessary to highlight one of the top works of the functionalist architect Josef Gočár, the Church of Saint Wenceslas at the Svatopluk Čech Square in Vršovice. Theatre lovers will not want to miss the favorite Strašnické Theatre or the Bolek Bolívka Theatre in Uhříněves.

Green thinking corresponds in Prague 10 also with the number and locations of shopping areas with entertainment and sports complexes in the form of cinemas, fitness centers and adventure parks for children. They are sensibly located and there are as many of them as necessary. The ratio of business lobby and usability is solved very elegantly here. In Štěrboholy and Hostivař they are cleverly situated close to the Jižní spojka (South Link), thus the inner parts are not overloaded with traffic. The Shopping Complex Eden Vršovice secures the area with the highest concentration of people who thus do not need to drive out for shopping outside their territory. It is simple, economical and environmentally friendly.

With Nature to Future Decades

Hostivař is undoubtedly the center of nature - adventure activities in Desítka. The green valley of the Botič brook invites for trips and many other leisure activities. The archaeological monument of the fort from the late Iron Age spreads above the Hostivař Reservoir, a large and popular area for swimming, sports and recreation. You may explore the nature trail of the recent and more distant history of Hostivař on rented scooters. Along the way, you can stop at Gutovka, a free time zone, and try the largest outdoor climbing wall in Central Europe or the rope park Abbys. The center for environmental education at the Toulcův Court farm will help shape children's relationship with nature. You can learn horse riding in the Plecitý family stable just below Bohdalec. Cyclists, skaters and seniors will happily visit the beautifully renovated Malešice Park, which opened its doors in early 2013.  The above list of places is by no means complete, there are many more green areas, parks and areas for relaxation evenly spread throughout the territory of Prague 10.

Prague 10 is green. With no pretension, it just is. It represents a shining example that the postmodern era and the heart of the city do not have only one face. You will not escape nature anywhere in Desítka, and why would you!?

Praha 10


Benice, Bohdalec, Dolní Měcholupy, Dubeč, Hájek, Horní Měcholupy, Hostivař, Kolovraty, Královice, Křeslice, Lipany, MALEŠICE, Michle, Nedvězí, Petrovice, Pitkovice, STRAŠNICE, Štěrboholy, Uhříněves, VRŠOVICE, ZÁBĚHLICE and Zahradní Město

Current information can be found on the portals of the city districts:


  • DINO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL www.dinoskola.cz
  • Gymnázium bratří Čapků (The Čapek Brothers Gymnasium) and První české soukromé střední odborné učiliště (The First Czech Private Vocational School) www.gymnaziumbc.cz and www.pcssou.cz
  • Metropolitní univerzita Praha (Metropolitan University Prague) www.mup.cz