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The SECOND CENTER, this is without exaggeration how Prague 2 (“Dvojka”) can be perceived; interwoven with public transport, accessible from the outside, yet peaceful, with incredible amounts of natural greenery. A concentrated cocktail of all one can only imagine. Dignified space for living for people who want to experience the city and still be on top of things.

The Centre Squared

The city district of Prague 2 is mainly Vinohrady and the New Town, places that reveal the symbiosis of modern city with history at almost every step. Dvojka is spread over a relatively small area of four square kilometers south of the very center of the Czech capital. From the embankment Rašínovo nábřeží on the right bank of the Vltava River to Florenc and Grébovka. The main business and social life centres are especially the square Karlovo náměstí, the transport hub near Náměstí I. P. Pavlova and Náměstí Míru. The historic fortifications and the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad can certainly be considered the cultural gems of Dvojka.

Like most capital centers, even the second Prague district is best accessible by public transport. A dense network of tram lines and two intersecting underground lines with high frequency of stations make each destination in Dvojka easily accessible also for pedestrians. For car drivers there is an easy access thanks to the Prague's arterial road, which crosses the district practically in the middle from north to south. Railway lovers can comfortably travel to the heart of the city on rails directly to the Main Station, which also belongs to the Prague 2 district.

Like Prague 1, the residential area of Dvojka is suitable for living for more demanding clients requiring the conveniences of the city. Unlike Jednička, however, from the viewpoint of tourism it is noticeably calmer and also financially more affordable. Especially Vinohrady is a popular location of most of the people interested in living in this part of the metropolis. There is a wide range of apartments of various sizes situated mostly in reconstructed original apartment buildings. High penetration of office buildings and work spaces makes this part of Prague suitable for expats’ living, for both individuals and families with children.

The World of Hippocrates‘ Followers

The quality of life is often measured by the availability of appropriate education. To enumerate all the possibilities of Dvojka in this regard simply cannot be done. The region is literally interwoven with many faculties of the famous Charles University and the Czech Technical University. Especially future doctors, scientists and mathematicians have their academic homes here. There are also a number of private facilities of different fields of study and levels of education, including art. Small pupils and students can be placed into dozens of preschools or primary schools, or a number of preschool and hobby facilities. Many of them offer teaching in foreign languages ​​and teaching of foreign languages ​​as such.

The Same Step Cannot Be Taken Twice

Already at first glance, Prague 2 leaves us in no doubt that it is only a stone’s throw away from the very social center. The number of historically, culturally and technically important buildings is immense, for example, the best known national cultural monument, Vyšehrad, the inspiration of Bedřich Smetana and the resting place of the elite of the Czech nation. The majestic landmark founded more than 1,500 years ago by prince Krok and towering proudly in the dark Vltava promontory will persuade everybody of its cultural and historical significance. Those interested in history should definitely not miss the New Town Hall, the Emmaus Abbey, the mysterious Faust House at the square Karlovo náměstí or the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Resslova Street, infamously entered also in modern history. Lovers of modern art and technical monuments will be enchanted by the famous Dancing House near Jirásek Bridge and the carefully renovated Main Station Prague. Also the Nusle Bridge that holds the tubes to operate underground is one of the technical wonders and modern landmarks of Dvojka. Every day one discovery! In Dvojka a significant part of history can be hiding even behind walls of, at first glance, ordinary apartment buildings.

Knowledge, Fun and Letting Go

Despite the proximity of the centre, Dvojka is a region that offers its residents a comfortable haven full of peace. It is therefore not by chance that you can find places there that with regard to their geographical location seem unreal oases of calmness and rest. A large part of Prague 2 is made of green areas in the form of parks and gardens, from the large Rieger Park in the northeast, through the Havlíček Park, Karlov – Albertov and Vyšehrad in the south, the botanical garden in the central part, to the square Karlovo náměstí in the west. Also the administrative authorities are aware of the importance of these sites and they significantly contribute to their recovery, for example the "Revitalization of the Havlíček Park", the famous Grébovka. This large area of public greenery interesting from both architectural and botanical points of view brings many possibilities of recreational activities, and from 2013 has been open to general public again. Also the immediate vicinity of the Vltava River, the Prague riverside, is an attractive place to spend free time. Already now, before the planned revitalization it is busy with people on bikes or just walking. Moreover, the operators of the Prague ship transportation offer visitors many additional attractions, such as a rich program of the Dance Boat Tyrš or the exceptional project of the floating Aqualung Theatre of the Forman Brothers anchoring at Výtoň.

You can have an unforgettable experience just walking from Karlov, past Apolinář, across Albertov, to the square Karlovo náměstí and down to the river. The region, which is teeming with students of medicine and science, has unquestionably its own charm. Traditional refreshments can be enjoyed in the stylish Švejk’s pub, U Kalicha, as well as in countless other dining facilities and day or night bars.

Dvojka provides its residents also with cultural activities. In addition to a number of small theatres and clubs, there are the renowned Vinohrady Theatre and the ever popular U Hasičů Theatre. There are also galleries and unique museums, such as the Museum of Police of the Czech Republic.

You can live there for a hundred years and yet still discover new secrets. The area is full of conveniences afforded by the centre with oasis of peace in the form of natural parks and gardens. It is difficult to describe the indescribable; everybody has to experience Dvojka first-hand.

Praha 2


Folimanka, New Town, Nusle (partially), Podskalí, Vinohrady and Vyšehrad

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