“Trojka” (Prague 3) Is Not Odd

The heart of Trojka is in Žižkov. The unmistakable atmosphere of the eastern center district enchants visitors and surprises also the denizens. Functional infrastructure and great public facilities are the main advantages of the region. Prague 3 offers its residents a relaxing and peaceful retreat close to the centre.

“Žižkaperk” Is the Past, the Zeitgeist Remains

Trojka is different. It is different than any other region of the central metropolis. Although its territory is partly made ​​up from other districts, the synonym for Prague 3 is no doubt Žižkov. The relatively large area of this city district extends east from the center all the way to Jarov, Malešice and Krejcárek. The modern history of Žižkov dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and is associated with the industrial revolution. It was the development concept that gave this part of the capital its unique character. It is mainly residential housing in the form of original tenement houses with courtyards, sensitively supplemented by new residential complexes. Only towards the Na Balkáně and Jarov peripheries Trojka offers living in typical housing estates or family houses.

The ancient hallmark of a traditional working-class neighborhood maybe paradoxically contributed to the conservation of the present atmosphere of Žižkov. The post-revolution development of the most exposed parts of Prague unjustly bypassed Žižkov. For some time now Žižkov has been rediscovered and therefore required. Today it is a good location for living for individuals, couples and foreigners who require quiet living with an easy access to the city center and rich in social activities.

Koněvova and Vinohradská avenues are the main arterial roads that connect Trojka with the inner city and also the periphery. The accessibility of the southern edge of the region and Vinohrady is ensured by the green metro line A and its stations that copy the most important locations of Trojka. It is also possible to use the excellent tram connection between the Main Station, Ohrada and Jarov. The area north of Bulhar, up Koněvova Street to Želivského is saturated by bus transport. The easy connection to the Prague main highway and the near Florenc bus station ensure rapid reaching of the near and distant world.

When Trojka Is Not Enough, Jednička Will Help

More than a dozen of elementary and secondary schools in Trojka offer education of different orientation, from general to art. For example, the Václav Hollar Art School is one of the most sought- after in the whole country. There are also several nursery schools and three high schools in Žižkov that are either state or private. Like elsewhere in the metropolis, also in Trojka the accessibility of other educational institutions situated in the center of Prague is more than good.

The Pride of the Nation and the Fearless Babies

The National Monument at Vítkov is one of the striking Žižkov monuments. The third largest bronze equestrian statue in the world has been here from the mid-twentieth century. Commander Jan Žižka of Trocnov who is still the symbol of independence of the Czech nation commemorates the Hussites’ victorious Battle of Vítkov Hill against the armies of the First Crusade. The second, considerably more modern dominant, is the Žižkov Television Transmitter. The unique architectural element is situated in the Mahler Park and is the tallest building in the city. This building has always polarized lay and professional public. After the year 2000 David Černý, the artist, capped it all by installing babies crawling up the tubes and thus unleashed even more passionate discussions.

Also the Cargo Station Žižkov is noteworthy. The complex of a large scale station was built in the spirit of functionalist industrial architecture in the first half of the nineteenth century. Another sought-after functionalist building is also the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the square Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, which embodies the most significant national sacral building of the twentieth century and is one of the official Czech cultural monuments.

Trojka also offers rich cultural-entertainment activities. You will be captivated by the peculiar humor of the Jára Cimrman Theatre. Lovers of musical performances, operettas and musicals will repeatedly return to the Karlín Musical Theatre.

Many Forms of Relaxation and Fun

Prague 3 offers infinite number of ways to use leisure time. You can take walks to the historic Vítkov Hill or the Parukářka Park. An abstract meeting with the destinies of ancestors in the vast and at the same time overwhelming complex of the Olšany Cemeteries can be an unforgettable experience. You can regain your energy in a number of various pubs, clubs and bars. Fun and relaxation will also be provided by the largest commercial center in Trojka, Atrium Flora with the renowned 3D IMAX cinema hall.

The still vital spirit of Žižkov has persisted for nearly 200 years, and if you are looking for living in close symbiosis with Prague denizens, Prague 3 offers one of the best opportunities. Mathematicians will probably disagree, but Trojka in Prague is just not odd.

Praha 3


Jarov, Malešice, Olšany, Strašnice, Vinohrady, Vysočany and primarily Žižkov

A lot of data is available on the official website of the third Prague City Hall or on the regularly updated information portal about Žižkov.




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