Four Districts Are Not Enough

The Prague 4 city district is extensive, ranging from the city center to the sought-after peripheral locations of Kunratice, Průhonice and Újezd​​. It meets all the demands of most of the residents on quality housing with a high degree of traffic accessibility and is rich in public facilities. And how to characterize Čtyřka (Prague 4) in four words? DIVERSE, QUIET, ACCESSIBLE and LIVELY.

To All the Points of the Compass

The northern part of the territory of the fourth Prague city district extending on the right bank of the Vltava River is directly adjacent to the sought-after locations of Vyšehrad, Vinohrady and Vršovice. Therefore, perhaps the most attractive places there are Podolí and Nusle. These two regions especially combine the vicinity of the center and a peaceful zone for living across the whole spectrum of social groups of inhabitants that seek quality and privacy. There are only a few such places in the whole metropolis. However, in Prague 4 it can also be the areas of Pankrác, Krč and Michle. The large areas of the other parts spread between the city exit to Strakonice and the Brno highway all the way to Průhonice and Čestlice.

Anyone heading to the capital from the south cannot miss Prague 4. With the new southwest interconnection of the Pilsen and Brno motorways, this area is suitable for those who aim for work or entertainment in the entire southern half of the Czech Republic and abroad. The big Prague traffic circle will in fact shorten the route from Brno to the Václav Havel Airport by about half an hour. Thanks to the densely populated areas of Chodov, Háje, Opatov and Šeberov, Prague 4 also prides itself with the very well located red metro C line, which links all the important places from Nusle to Újezd​.

All the attributes of the actual center of Čtyřka are met by the Pankrác and Budějovická street area. Shopping centers, office and medical complexes are within reach of all residents of Nusle, Michle, Podolí, Krč and Braník. Similar categories of objects can be found also in the direction from the center along the route of the 5. května avenue, which fluently changes into the D1 highway. In Michle, several hundred meters behind the unique Nuselský Bridge and the Prague Congress Centre, we run into the seats of local representatives of large multinational companies, as well as major domestic companies. In this spirit we practically continue all the way to Chodov and the expanding Business Center "The Park".

Good address and a great place to live in close proximity to the vibrant heart of the city can be found in the housing estates of Pankrác, Antala Staška, Horní Krč and Kavčí Hory in the vicinity of a large complex of the Czech Television. Families with children seeking tranquility within an easy reach of the capital will appreciate the regions of Újezd, Průhonice and Kunratice accessible by car in a maximum of twenty minutes.

School at Every Corner

For those interested in education Prague 4 offers countless opportunities. There are tens of secondary, primary and nursery schools, both public and private, and they offer many forms of education of different levels and specializations. Čtyřka is home to four universities, the list of which can be easily extended by moving a few kilometers further towards the city center. Local and foreign applicants can choose also among several international schools, including the special school Montessori.

In the sign of Aquarius

Although Čtyřka just passes the historical and cultural center of Prague, there is a number of interesting places to be visited there as well. In particular theater lovers should for sure visit the famous theaters Na Fidlovačce and Na Jezerce.

The history trip of the fourth Prague district can be started in the church of Saint Pankrác at Pankrác and the Jindřišská tower at Senovážné náměstí/square. The Chodov Water Fortress from the thirteenth century and the former Nusle National House with neo-Renaissance facades are also worth visiting. Probably the most interesting attraction is the Prague Waterworks Museum in Prague-Podolí, representing the development of water supply from private water supply of the 12th century to the present.

4 + 4 for Leisure Time and Entertainment

The infinite space for spending leisure time can be symbolized by big Fours for each of the categories. Sporting activities are clearly dominated by two rivals in the battle for visitors. Žluté lázně (Yellow Bath), the natural swimming pool in Podolí providing a variety of cultural and sporting activities for families with children and youth, and its equally important neighbor, the Podolí swimming complex of indoor and outdoor pools offering everything a keen swimmer and water lover could wish for. And we cannot leave out the largest waterpark in the Czech Republic, Aquapalace Čestlice.

On the other hand, outdoor activities can be practiced in the Modřany Ravine natural park and the Kunratice Creek Valley, a natural monument, made famous also by the age-old tradition of Prague's famous cross-country race, Velká Kunratická. Not only shopaholics will surely find their way into the four major business and leisure zones. From Arkády Pankrác closest to the center, through the shopping center Novodvorská Plaza, and the shopping center Chodov by the city exit to Brno, to the commercial and entertainment zone Průhonice-Čestlice.

Prague 4 undoubtedly has a lot to offer. It presents itself with good neighborhoods that will provide good shelters to its residents at work and play.

Praha 4


Braník, Háje, Hodkovičky, Chodov, Cholupice, Kamýk, Komořany, Krč, Kunratice, Lhotka, Libuš, Michle, Modřany, Nusle, Písnice, Podolí, Průhonice, Spořilov, Šeberov, Točná, Újezd, Vinohrady and Záběhlice

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Prague 4 offers very extensive school and pre-school education possibilities for both domestic and foreign pupils and students.