The World in Five Letters – ANGEL....., and Not Only Him

The fifth Prague district is one of the largest in the city. Due to its location and orientation it is in many ways comparable to Šestka (Prague 6) and Čtyřka (Prague 4). The territory lying between the left bank of the Vltava River and the old Plzeňská street is the ideal place to live for families with children, students and expats. “Pĕtka” (Prague 5) is easily accessible from the city center, the west and south of Prague. And its heart? It beats at Andĕl (Angel).

“To Meet an Angel to the Left from the Water is not a Matter of Chance”

The center of Prague 5, the Smíchov area, is associated primarily with the industrial history of the city. Working-class neighborhoods, engineering factories, electrical-technical companies and breweries that were at the height of their fame in the first half of the twentieth century, largely shape also the current character of the location. In their place, however, in most cases new dominants have grown, either through renovation or new construction. Business and media centers, headquarters of multinational companies, modern residential and leisure complexes, such is Andĕl (Angel) today. Its symbolic name goes deep into the history of this area. Andĕl and the Smíchov Station are the most important intersections of Pĕtka with excellent connections to the Prague Circle and the main arterial roads leading in and out of the city. It does not matter whether you use underground or surface transportation, wherever you go, you will arrive on time.

The fifth district is one of the fastest growing locations in Prague today. Malá Strana (the Lesser Town) is not inflatable and the expansion towards Andĕl and the Smíchov Station is a logical step for all those who wish to live and do business there. This is confirmed by the Prague City Hall’s substantial investments in transport infrastructure and public facilities, e.g. the network of tunnels, the functional linking of the B metro line and the three backbone tram lines. The unique Hlubočepy – Barrandov tram line is, by the way, worth attention also as a technical curiosity.

To School Anywhere

At first glance it might seem that 12 primary, 13 nursery, 21 secondary schools and 8 colleges, both public and private, are not enough for such a large area. The opposite is true. The direct vicinity of the first, second and sixth Prague districts enables any form of education the residents  of Prague 5 can imagine because these parts of the city boast with the largest penetration of educational institutions of all kinds, including art. Foreigners interested in living in Prague 5 should know about the Lycée Français de Prague, the German School in Jinonice, and the Magic Rainbow Preschool.

Mozart, Laughter and Švanda at Smíchov

The fifth Prague district offers plenty of cultural activities. The whole music world pays tribute to W.A. Mozart in Mozart's villa at Bertramka, which hosts regular concerts of classical and jazz music. The Prague climate suited the composer so much that he composed not only the Marriage of Figaro here, but also other important works that can be seen in several Prague theaters. Culture lovers should not miss the Portheimka Gallery focusing on contemporary art exhibitions. The Art Nouveau National House in Smíchov is a short walk from Andĕl. It is one of the oldest monuments of Smíchov, which is, due to a number of events held there, the true cultural center of the district. Those heading to the theater should not miss the Švandovo Theatre. In addition to a year-round operation it offers selected performances with English subtitles.

City in the City

The structure and type of social groups of inhabitants of Prague 5 very significantly affects also the diversity of facilities for resting and relaxation. Újezd, the Arbesovo náměstí (Arbes square area) and Smíchov overflow with countless cafes and restaurants suitable for family and business lunches, which attract with flavors from all around the world. The Nový Smíchov business center is the second largest center in Prague and aside from shopping offers also relaxation in fitness and bowling centers or cinema multiplexes. On the periphery of Pĕtka similar services are ensured by the large Metropole Zličín shopping center or several shopping centers in parts of Stodůlky and Butovice.

Not only athletes are attracted by the Barrandov AquaDream waterpark, which offers outdoor and indoor attractions of wellness and relaxation center nature. Entertainment for the Street Generation is provided by a covered skate park in Hlubočepy available to the public non-stop. Walks and bike trips within an easy reach of the busy Smíchov are possible in the Kinsky Garden and especially the Prokop Valley nature reserve. Nearby the famous Barrandov Terraces and, for example, the unique observation tower Dívčí Hrady (Girls’ Castles) invites you to visit. Day trips and more demanding walks through the picturesque valley of the Vltava River are available for those visiting Chuchle, Lahovice and Zbraslav. Even canoeists will find what they need here. Your adrenaline level will rise at the famous racecourse in Velká Chuchle.

Unfading Glory of Barrandov

The thirties of the last century began to write the old Barrandov film history that continues to this day. One of the biggest and most famous film studios in Europe is still attracting leading filmmakers from all around the world. The attractive garden suburb of Barrandov represents housing at a good address and does not lose its shine even today, almost a hundred years since it has been built. The view of the Vltava River valley and the entire city from here is unforgettable. The paleontologist Joachim Barrande would certainly have fallen in love with it here even without fossils.

Prague 5 is undoubtedly unique in many ways. With nearly pure nature all types of residential zones meet here. From prefab housing estates on the periphery, quiet neighborhoods in Zbraslav, modern housing in Smíchov, Motol and Radlice to classical buildings in the quiet area of ​​Janáčkovo nábřeží (Janáček Embankment) and Újezd. Availability, clarity, range of services and cultural opportunities are the main benefits of this vast territory of many faces.

Praha 5


Barrandov, Břevnov (partially), Hlubočepy, Holyně, Jinonice, Košíře, Lahovice, Lipence, Lochkov, Malá Strana (partially – Újezd), Motol, Radlice, Radotín, Řeporyje, Slivenec, Smíchov, Stodůlky, Třebonice, Velká Chuchle, Zadní Kopanina, Zbraslav, Zličín and Zlíchov

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