Leave the SIXTH Sense at Home | ŠESTKA (Prague 6) Near and Far

The distinctiveness of the urban region of Prague 6 is in its unique position toward the center and the periphery of the metropolis. The geographic location and excellent infrastructure predispose this area for quality life for all, both single people and families with children. Although this is a location with the serial number six, it can be number one in many respects.

ŠESTKA Near | On the Evropská Avenue Not Only to Europe

The real backbone of surface transportation infrastructure of Prague 6 is the Evropská Avenue. A huge arterial road built more along the lines of spectacular Soviet builders crosses almost the entire territory from "Kulaťák" (Vítězné náměstí) to Ruzyně and is the fastest corridor that reaches all residential areas of Šestka, including Horoměřice, Nebušice and Hostivice. The great news is that the planned extension of line "A" of the Prague metro will have impact mainly on the sixth city district. Dejvická and Hradčanská, so far the only metro stations in the area, will suddenly be supplemented by three other stations.  The accessibility of the residential zones of Červený Vrch, Veleslavín and Petřiny will thus acquire a whole new dimension.  An easy accessibility of the Václav Havel International Airport is also a significant benefit to travelers of Prague 6.

Academic ŠESTKA | Otto Wichterle Cooked Lentils for the Whole World

Traditional educational institutions are undoubtedly dominated by the Dejvice Mecca of technical intellectuals, the Czech Technical University. It hides in its campus also a unique, recently opened National Technical Library. Rich learning opportunities of the sixth Prague district are also presented by three dozen kindergartens, fifteen primary and ten secondary or higher vocational schools. There are also four art schools there. As for international schools, we can name the International School of Prague, Riverside School, Park Lane International School, Prague British School and English-German Business Academy offering education to both foreign and domestic students.

ŠESTKA Historical and Cultural | From the Stone Age to Functionalism

Just as without laughter, one cannot live without culture. Dejvice offers several "two in one" solutions.

There is the distinctive Semafor Theatre for adults, or the well-known Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek for children. This, by no means complete, list of broad cultural opportunities of Šestka will be easily extended by a several minute subway ride to the very cultural center of Prague.

A properly composed sightseeing tour of Prague 6 represents a special and chronological trip to the history of the national cultural monuments: the Šárka Fort built during the early Slavic settlement, the Břevnov Monastery of the High Baroque, the battlefield of the Battle of White Mountain with a mound, the Renaissance Hvězda Summer Residence with a deer park, or the functionalist jewel of the thirties of the last century, the Müller Villa by the Viennese architect Adolf Loos in Střešovice.

ŠESTKA Fun and Healthy | With a “pitcher”/ “džbán” for water, or to the “Pitcher”/ “Džbán” into the water?

But life is not just work. The sixth Prague district offers a wealth of indoor and outdoor leisure activities for children and adults. There are professional sports clubs or after-school activities at elementary schools and children and youth hobby centers. Really everybody can choose. Absolutely unique is then Džbán, the natural outdoor swimming pool, bordering the beautiful valley of Wild Šárka, the ideal place for whole day or short walks where also golfers will find a modern golf complex. Not only skaters and cyclists will appreciate Landronka, the free time resort, and one can go for healthy trips also to the Hvězda deer park.

Diplomatic ŠESTKA | Cosmopolitan Spirit in the Heart of the Continent

A mere stroll through the micro-region of elegant Ořechovka leaves the visitor in no doubt about the ubiquitous world of diplomacy. Behind the walls of the historic, often architecturally unique, buildings there are hidden embassies, diplomatic residences, as well as apartments for the discerning residents who require quality housing in the city center. The quiet and safe environment of residential areas with ​​high concentration of foreign representations in the Czech Republic is situated between Dejvice, Hanspaulka and Střešovice. Generally, Prague 6 is a favorite area for renting houses and flats for foreign workers – expats. They seek it in particular with regard to the availability of international schools, the accessibility to the town center and the Ruzyně Airport.

Although Prague 6 ranks among the largest city districts, this fact can be considered as one of its fundamental strengths. The advantages of city life go hand in hand with the possibilities afforded by living outside of them. Everything is quickly at hand. And the result? 6 = 1! In the case of Šestka you do not have to be ashamed of your mathematical skills.

Praha 6


Břevnov, Bubeneč, Dejvice, Hanspaulka, Horoměřice, Hradčany, Liboc, Lysolaje, Nebušice, Ořechovka, Přední Kopanina, Ruzyně, Sedlec, Statenice, Střešovice, Suchdol, Tuchoměřice, Veleslavín, Vokovice

Detailed and current information can be obtained on an extensive website of Prague 6 – www.praha6.cz