SEVEN Days Is Not Enough

Prague 7 (“Sedmička”) offers a huge number of various activities. It is easily accessible from the center and the surroundings of the city, and yet so much connected with nature. It is simply an excellent space to live for both individuals and families with children. In Sedmička anyone can accentuate their individuality. 

In the Embrace of Water

The seventh Prague district boasts with an extraordinary location within the metropolis. The regions of Holešovice and Bubeneč are from the south, west and north lined with a huge bend of the Vltava River, while Troja is located to the north across the water. As in other city districts directly adjacent to central Prague, the biggest development of Holešovice and Bubeneč occurred after the mid-nineteenth century. The massive construction transformed the originally fishing and agricultural settlements into a full-fledged part of the city today.

The Holešovice panorama is mainly made of tenement houses with courtyards, located mainly between the Argentinská Street and the river bend. Bubeneč and Troja, on the other hand, are regions with dominant individual family houses of mostly premium category. Bubeneč, in particular, is a neighborhood of luxury residences and embassies. The neighboring Royal Deer Park makes this micro-region a pearl among the residential areas. Given the closeness to the center, the accessibility and public facilities, Sedmička is suitable for living for virtually all groups of inhabitants of middle and upper class. The offer of dozens of educational facilities of the seventh district can be easily extended by schools from the neighboring city districts, especially Prague 6 and Prague 1.

Prague 7 is extraordinarily located and easily accessible from virtually all directions. From the center to Holešovice it is just a jump over the Hlávkův Bridge. Holešovičky and the Barikádníků Bridge offer an escape to the city ring road or the north of the country. The districts of Karlín and Libeň are accessible thanks to the Libeňský Bridge. The Holešovice peninsula is crossed from south to north by the red line metro C with two stations ending in distant Letňany in the north. There is also a dense network of tram lines, which will make available all the significant places in Sedmička. The Holešovice train and bus stations and the Praha-Bubny railway station are also major transportation hubs. The new Blanka tunnel complex that pushes the accessibility Prague 7 one level up also includes the Troja Bridge. This important construction contributes to the integration of the districts on both banks of the Vltava River and greatly speeds up the journey to the center, especially from Troja and the northern parts of the entire region.

Seven Days a Week Full of Activities and Learning

Prague 7 offers an incredible amount of leisure time activities. The concentration of objects of interest there is almost unbelievable. Lovers of sport, culture, history, nature and science will all find what they desire.

On MONDAY do you feel like doing sports actively or passively? In Sedmička, that is no problem. Apart from a number of commercial sports centers, residents of Prague 7 may also choose one of the well-known sport complexes. The Štvanice Island and Letná live with tennis. At Výstaviště (the Exhibition Center) in Holešovice the sports fans can swim or visit a First League hockey game.

On TUESDAY you may want to feed your brain a bit. The extensive collections of the National Technical Museum and the National Museum of Agriculture in Letná offer endless intellectual nourishment and inspiration. Visitors can test their knowledge of astronomy in the Prague Planetarium, which is located on the border of Stromovka and the Exhibition Centre. Those interested in technology can visit the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in the vicinity of the Císařský Island.

WEDNESDAY evenings could be devoted to a theatre visit. The GOJA Music Hall at the Prague Exhibition Center offers a popular repertoire of famous musicals. For a classical culture experience you can try the wide range of performances of the Křižík’s Fountain also at the Exhibition Center. Not only younger viewers may want to see the modern multicultural project called La Fabrika. The Troja open air cinema offers a romantic experience. Among other cultural points of interest there are certainly the National Gallery in the Holešovice Fair Palace, the Lapidárium dedicated to the history of sculpture and the Marold Panorama at the Exhibition Center.

The THURSDAY shopping for the weekend can be done at the Prague Market in Holešovice or a number of local shops scattered throughout the whole area. For those interested in the "All In One" it will only take ten minutes by car or subway to get to the largest shopping center in the country, which is located in Letňany.

On FRIDAY people all around the world are partying and Prague 7 is no exception. A wide range of gastronomic businesses from Letná to Troja will offer day and evening menus. The Fun Fair at the Exhibition Center will please many "child" visitors, whether they are five or ninety years old.

Immediately after SATURDAY's breakfast you can go to the Prague Zoo in Troja. The vast area on the slopes of the Troja basin is the most visited tourist destination in the country. Despite the repeated difficulties caused by the floods, the garden is still growing and offers unique attractions. The pavilions of Indonesian jungle, gorillas, Africa Close Up, or the Valley of the Elephants are simply breathtaking. Practically across the street from the ZOO there is the Botanical Garden, spread on thirty acres of land. Neither the ZOO, nor the Botanical Garden can be seen in their entirety in one day, however, regular programs and events keep bringing something new and invite guests for repeated visits.

Do you feel like going to the Prague "Central" Park on SUNDAY? No problem. Stromovka – the Royal Game Park is a green oasis in the middle of the city and an ideal place for walking, cycling and skating. You can also visit it from a steamboat. From Stromovka you can go visit the neighboring Exhibition Center, which offers a number of attractions for children and adults. A few kilometers further towards the center you can relax or engage in sport activities in the large Letná Park.

Prague 7 offers its residents a comfortable space for living with versatility, tranquility and quality being the main attributes of this part of the city. Whether God created the world in seven days or not, seven days is certainly not enough to absorb Sedmička.

Praha 7


Bubeneč, Holešovice, Letná, Libeň, Podbaba and Troja

Residents and visitors can get useful information on the website of the city districts.