The Eighth Continent Discovered

Prague 8 is a large area stretching from the historical center all the way to the outskirts of the city in the north. It offers its residents a peaceful living, stable infrastructure and adequate public facilities, and all this while maintaining an excellent accessibility of other attractive localities in Prague. A wide range of different forms of housing will appeal especially to families with children, but also couples and individuals.

Phoenix Rose from the Ashes, Karlín from Water

Prague, one city with many sub-worlds, each of which is different. And what is Osmička like? New! At least its most sought-after part is. Digit eight is attributed the iconic significance of a new beginning and better times. Perhaps that is why Karlín, the most well-known district of Prague 8, so powerfully raised after the devastating floods of 2002 and within a few years catapulted itself to the forefront of interest of private entrepreneurs and companies. A huge wave of new constructions and renovations made it a new and sought-after region, ideal for work and play. The close proximity to the Old Town and Žižkov only underlines its attractiveness. Especially the embankment Rohanské nábřeží is experiencing an unprecedented development, where developers are building large multi-purpose complexes. The expansion is also planned further along the water towards the Rohanský Island, for which a new project has already been approved, the scale of which is unprecedented in the Czech Republic. Among other equally attractive locations of central Osmička there are Libeň and Kobylisy, and on the periphery there are Bohnice, Ďáblice and Dolní Chabry. The “eighth continent” of Prague is situated on the right bank of the Vltava River in a long stretch from the center to its northern edge.

Especially Karlín and Libeň represent extremely interesting areas for residents requiring the immediate accessibility of the center and at the same time living in a relatively quiet area, regardless whether they are individuals, young couples or families with children. There are many opportunities for both locals and foreigners. On the other hand, those interested in living closer to nature will welcome the offer of the northern districts in the rugged terrain of Bohnice, Čimice and Ďáblice. These popular regions, accessible with a relatively little time handicap, will offer a wide variety of types of housing for all categories of inhabitants. Tenement houses, family houses, terraced houses or modern apartment complexes.

From Osmička it is possible to get to the city center from several directions. The city circle road is within reach. From the Teplice, Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Králové motorway the main artery roads converge at Balabenka from where travelers go across the embankment Rohanské nábřeží in Kalín and within minutes reach the Hilton hotel and the heart of the city. The international bus station Florenc is also an important crossroads of the Prague metro, which in Prague 8 goes in two directions. The C line goes through Holešovice to Kobylisy, Ládví, Střížkov and Prosek. The B line covers Karlín, Libeň, Vysočany and continues to the edge of the city. The revitalized train station in Libeň is also an important transport hub. The tram lines cover not only the oldest neighborhoods, but also the more distant Kobylisy. All other locations are covered by buses. Albeit from the perspective of a broad understanding of the current transport infrastructure it is just a detail, it is worth mentioning the unique pedestrian tunnel under Vítkov, which leads from the center of Karlín to the square Tachovské náměstí in Žižkov.

An ocean of opportunities for an ocean of children

Although Prague 8 only offers two alternatives to college applicants, there is no need to despair. From Karlín it really is only a few steps to the most important educational premises and campuses. On the other hand, Osmička provides plenty of possibilities of a lower level of education; two dozen secondary schools, about thirty primary schools and nearly forty kindergartens  with various orientations, including art and languages. The residents of Prague 8 can, thus, properly take care of the development of interests and talents of their children.

Cultural – Historical Osmička

The historical parts of Karlín and Libeň can be, without exaggeration, considered as one major cultural landmark, which shines with novelty thanks to the extensive post-flood restoration. Many of the original tenement houses carry the cultural monument statute and you encounter them literally at every step. Osmička, however, also has a number of unique buildings that cannot be omitted. In Karlín you must visit the Karlín Synagogue, the Neo-Romanesque Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius built from hewn stone, or the almost 300 years old Baroque hospital Invalidovna. In Libeň the rococo Libeň Palace with a breathtaking park is a notable monument worth visiting. And the excellent news for lovers of history and technical enthusiasts is the prepared reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct in Karlín, which is the second oldest bridge in the whole of Prague.

Water – Earth - Air

Prague 8 offers an infinite number of opportunities for entertainment. Especially lovers of outdoor activities, such as cycling, running or just walking will find what they need. The region offers a dozen of protected areas, which are also natural monuments, for example, the most valuable Podhoří, the Ďáblice Grove and the Čimice Valley. Within the reach of the city trippers can use the park Kaizlovy sady at Invalidovna and the park Thomayerovy sady in Libeň. In Osmička the network of Prague cycling routes includes the Libeň Island and the Bohnice Valley. The number of indoor centers, playgrounds and public sports centers is enriched by the new Aquacentrum Šutka (a water park) on the border of Kobylisy, Bohnice and Troja. The popular Kobylisy swimming pool and sauna Stírka offers its services throughout the year. Beginning and advanced climbers can enjoy the climbing Sports Centre Palmovka.

New, vital and evolving in the right direction, this is Prague 8. Stop looking, you have found your Eighth Continent! 

Praha 8


Bohnice, Březiněves, Čimice, Ďáblice, Dolní Chabry, Invalidovna, Karlín, Kobylisy, Libeň, Palmovka, Prosek, Střížkov, Troja

For useful information about Osmička, go to the official Town Hall website.