99 Percent Active Life

Prague 9 (“Devítka”) is no longer the “Cinderella” of the capital. Its sensitively revitalized locations and tranquil peripheral regions offer generous space for all who choose it. And the selection is reasonable. Easy access, proximity to the center and plenty of opportunities to relax are its most apt characteristics. Devítka is on its way up and nothing will stop it.

The Ninth Wave Has Passed

Nothing is foolproof. Prague 9, however, only lacks a little to be perfect. In the broad sense, it spreads over a vast area of the northeastern edge of the capital. The fundamental districts of Vysočany, Prosek, Hrdlořezy and Hloubětín are closest to the center of the metropolis and represent popular localities for living for those who require close links with the center. Other adjacent administrative areas represented by Kbely, Počernice, Klánovice and Běchovice then offer the attributes of rural life, almost without losing contact with the metropolis. At present there is a rapid development of the region of Vysočany from Palmovka, Balabenka through Harfa further in the direction of Hloubětín. Previously, only an industrial zone with workers ‘and factory settlements, mainly the engineering company ČKD, has undergone a historic transformation under the new owners. Many revitalized brownfields formed the basis of the above-standard and peaceful living just inside the gates of inner Prague. In particular, the newly developed multi-functional residential areas offer a dignified zone for living for most of the corresponding groups of inhabitants. More and more people are also looking for individual housing built entirely outside significantly built-up agglomerations. This requirement can be satisfied thanks to the peripheral areas, of which Devítka offers plenty.

Praha 9 boasts with an excellent transport accessibility, regardless whether the traveler is arriving or leaving. The connection to the Prague ring road and the backbone roads, such as Kolbenova Poděbradská, Českobrodská and Průmyslová easily make available almost all locations at Devítka. The recently opened Vysočanská road brought the whole metropolis much closer to the Mladá Boleslav, Hradec Králové, but also Brno motorways and most of the northern regions on the periphery. The topography of routes B and C of the Prague metro here, as elsewhere in the city, cover even the most remote places. Thus, passengers can quickly get to Letňany, Vysočany, Hloubětín, Prosek and Černý Most. The area from Vysočany to Hloubětín is also covered by the newly reconstructed tram routes. The remaining parts of Devítka have a reliable integrated bus service. In the context of the entire metropolis, Prague 9 also represents a very important railway junction.

Schools, Kindergartens, Nursery-Schools

With the exception of colleges, residents of Devítka do not have to go far for education of all categories. Ten secondary and nearly forty elementary schools offer a wide range of education in many fields. Nearly forty facilities for pre-school care make Prague 9 ideal for families with small children. An easy and quick access to traditional Prague locations with high penetration of other educational institutions will satisfy any potential customers that did not find their school in Devítka.

Tandem of Technology and History

The cultural-historical legacy of Prague 9 is largely in separate solitary monuments that are located throughout its territory. There are churches, chapels, historic buildings of various nature, sculptures, belfries and the like. Yet, you can come across a lot of uniqueness here that visitors should not miss. Among these there are the castles in Hloubětín, Ctěnice, Dolní and Horní Počernice, Vinoř and especially Koloděje. We should also not forget the technical buildings reminding us of the famous industrial history of the region, especially the premises of the Praga and ČKD Engineering plants,

and the Kbely airport. The residents of Prague 9 either travel to the theatres in the nearby and established Prague localities, or they can visit the great local Gong Theater, or the almost local Pod Palmovkou Theatre.


It could seem that Prague 9 does not offer such cultural activities, to which every denizen is accustomed to. This district, however, appeals to its residents in a completely different way. There are plenty of theaters, museums, galleries and cinemas in the nearby old Prague. Devítka does it differently. Without exaggeration, it overflows with leisure activities of various types and thus creates a significant opposite to the cultural and historical center of the city. The following list represents the required minimum of the endless leisure options of Prague 9.

Young, lively and active, this is Prague 9. It is a dynamically evolving district with lots of opportunities for relaxation and fun, yet closely connected to central Prague. Devítka guarantees a happy resident, 99 percent!

Praha 8


Běchovice, Čakovice, Černý Most, Dolní Počernice, HLOUBĚTÍN, Horní Počernice, Hostavice, HRDLOŘEZY, Kbely, Klánovice, Koloděje, Kyje, Letňany, Libeň, Malešice, Miškovice, PROSEK, Satalice, Střížkov, Třeboradice, Újezd nad Lesy, Vinoř and mainly VYSOČANY




  • Adventure MiniGolf Praguewww.a-minigolf.cz
    A superbly equipped eighteen-hole golf course in the Vysočany sports arena.
  • Aquacentrum Lagoon in Letňany (water park) – www.letnanylagoon.cz
    A number of attractions and swimming pools, including an extra long water slide.
  • Hloubětín Swimming Poolwww.volny.cz
    Indoor swimming pools with sea water.
  • Blue Orange – exclusive health club, hotel, fitness, wellness ...www.blueorange.cz
    A unique wellness and fitness center with a wide range of services.
  • BOBSLEIGH TRACK PROSEKwww.bobovadraha.cz
    Year-round fun at the bobsleigh track, together with a rope park and a climbing wall.
  • Golf Resort Black Bridgewww.grcm.cz
    A modern golf course.
  • Rope Center PROUDwww.lanovecentrum.cz
    Prague's largest rope center offering lessons to people of all ages.
  • Karts in Praga Arenawww.pragaarena.cz
    Motokáry PRAHA : GO-KART, Prague karting Arenawww.motokary.com
    Race tracks in Horní Počernice and Letňany for teams and individuals.
  • Skydive Arenawww.skydivearena.cz
  • The only wind tunnel in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe made to raise your adrenaline level.


  • Kolektory Praha (Collectors) – www.kolektory.cz
    Explore the Prague's underground labyrinth.
  • Aviation Museum Kbely - VHU PRAHA (Military History Institute in Prague)www.vhu.cz
    The largest aviation museum in the Czech Republic with a growing collection of exhibits.
  • O2 Arena Prahawww.o2arena.cz
    One of the most modern multifunctional arenas in Europe. A number of cultural and sporting events for never-ending fun.


  • Černý Most Center www.centrumcernymost.cz
    Attractive seasonal family programs and cinema multiplex.
  • DISTRICT.Prague – Prague, Czech Republic - Internet Cafe, Sports ...www.facebook.com
    One large computer room for the young and old.
  • Harfa Gallery www.galerieharfa.cz
    The development of life on earth mapped in an excellent Dino Park.
  • Shopping Gallery Fénix Vysočanskáwww.galeriefenix.eu
    It includes an interesting children's indoor playground Kulíškov.
  • OC-Letnany.cz - Shopping Center Letňanywww.oc-letnany.cz
    Movies? Shopping? It is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the Czech Republic!