Property Management in Prague

ORION Realit - effective property management in Prague - saving your time and costs

The ORION Realit real estate agency offers professional property management services for residential houses, buildings and other structures in and around Prague. We have been operating on the real estate market since 1993.

We offer property management especially for:

  • Market leased properties.
  • Association of flat owners – condominiums.
  • Housing cooperatives.
  • Furthermore, we offer management services to the owners of various buildings seeking professional property management.

Management of market leased properties

Property owners often face various problems, especially as regards tenement houses. Therefore, our effective professional property management services, are a relief for such owners. The services are not only rendered in compliance with the relevant regulations, but our professionals are especially able to evaluate the actual needs of your properties.

Our professional management of leased properties will save your worries, time and money. Moreover, your property will be maintained in good condition at all time, which will obviously have a positive effect on its value.

The management of leased properties includes the full range of services that property owners would otherwise have to carry out. This is especially appreciated by our foreign clients because they can enjoy the quality of our services from their home destinations.

We sign Leased Property Management Agreements with each property owner, defining the scope of management services and reflecting the actual needs of each property owner. Our services include:

  • Accounting services according to the applicable regulations.
  • For rented flats, we collect rents and fees for services..
  • We keep an eye on the technical condition of properties.
  • We provide regular maintenance, cleaning, repairs and necessary inspections in properties.
  • We provide owners with the annual accounts relating to the property management.
  • We arrange for mergency repairs..
  • We inform owners about the need to make more extensive repairs.
  • And many more...
We speak English and German.
We are an experienced manager of market leased properties held by foreign owners or tenants.

Management services for associations of flat owners - condominiums

A committee consisting of at least three members is the statutory body of each association of flat owners,Property management, Prague condominiums The committee is obliged to fulfil has various obligations arising from the articles of association, the valid regulation and legislation. The committee must keep accounting books, make calculations, arrange for technical issues, dealing with service providers, etc.

These activities require considerable time and expertise from the committee. For these reasons, the facility management is often inefficient and may lead to various controversies among owners. It is therefore worthwhile for the condominium to find a professional partner for property management.

Our real estate agency offers property management services for associations of flat owners and housing cooperatives in accordance with the valid legislation and regulations. Property management services are rendered on the basis of a Property Management Agreement. We offer a wide rangeof periodic activities related to the routine administration, maintenance and operation of your properties. We provide technical servicing and revisions, including a 24/7 emergency service, etc. Our services also include the complete management of the house, accounting and other agenda associated with the building operation.

Zajišťujeme technický servis a revize či nepřetržitou havarijní službu apod. Samozřejmostí je kompletní vedení hospodaření domu, účetnictví a dalších agend souvisejících s provozem domu.

Advantages of our professional management services for condominiums:
High degree of expertise, savings of operational costs, lower time demands.
Quality management of all agendas, improvement of inspection activities...

Why entrust the management of your property to ORION Realit?

  • We boast our invaluable experience in the area of property management; our tradition goes back to 1993.
  • You will entrust the care of your property to a professional team with good references. We are professionally active and within easy reach, both personally or via other means of communication.
  • People in our property management team are mutually substitutable - there will always be someone at your side to address your needs.
  • Our services for property owners are individualized and customizable. You can choose from a full range of services, including premium services, specific services or package tailored to the needs of your property.
  • We have a quality team for a wide range of supplier, to reduce your cost of repairs and property maintenance.
  • We provide real estate, legal, economic and technical services.
  • High level of customer care is a must, as well as the quality of the rendered services.

Configure your property maintenance services to match your individualized needs!

Our services also include property management consulting. If you are considering changing your propertyProperty management contact us today!

We will advise you on how to use our professional services to better manage your property, present our premium services and demonstrate our flexibility and customer oriented approach.