Relocation compliance

ORION aim is to effectively assist our clients and their families. We save a great deal of our clients´s’ time, facilitate their first days at the new location and especially minimize stress and tension that may be associated with relocation. We are guiding the client through the application process providing full service incl. accompany at the visits, where possible we apply for the documents on behalf of the client.

Thanks to twenty years experience ORION is the experts within home search and relocation for expatriates. With local market knowledge, personal approach and flexibility we provide professional services to our clients. We speak English, German and French.

Home Search

  • Learning about the client´s requirements
    By asking the right questions we get an overview of the client’s accommodation requirements, enabling us to offer the client suitable properties.
  • Selection of properties
    Both from our database and from the databases of other estate agencies enabling us to provide the client with the right selection of the properties on the market, preparing the offer and presenting it to the client with a description and photos; our brokers remain in contact with the client to arrange viewing times and other steps.
  • Viewings
    The broker arranges a sequence of viewings so that there is the minimum delay, picks up the client at the agreed location and drives the client to the properties.
  • Lease contract
    Negotiation of lease conditions, draw-up lease contract either is Czech/English or Czech/German version, arrangement for signing, draw-up hand over protocol.
  • Handover of the property
    The broker prepares a handover protocol that details the state of utilities meters and the condition of the property; the protocol is signed when the property is handed over; the broker arranges the property handover time; during the handover the client is told how to use the property fittings and about the rules of use of the property.
  • Support
    During the first days of the lease the broker helps the client resolve any questions or event. problems associated with use of the new property.

  • Residency permit
    EU citizens need to be registered at the Foreign Police, or to have a Residency Permit (required by some authorities).
  • Work permit, visa
    Non – EU citizens need work permit and short/ long term visa in order to stay and work in the Czech Republic or they need visa for another purpose of stay without work permit.
  • Permanent stay
    Foreign citizen is able to apply for permanent stay under condition of living in the Czech Republic during number of years specified by the Czech law.
  • Visa abroad
    All types of visa (business trips, tourist trips and others)
  • Invitation
    Non – EU citizens with visa requirements need to obtain invitation to come to the Czech Republic.
  • Insurance
    Health insurance with validity in the Czech Republic. Household insurance for case of event. damage caused on the property.
  • Languages
    Necessary documents have to be translated, assistance and interpretation, translantions,juridical translantions.


  • Sightseeing
    Familiarizing with Prague, visiting different Prague districts, information on housing options, schools, medical care, sport and cultural opportunities, shops and shopping centres, practical information about living in Prague and the Czech Republic.
  • Medical care
    List of medical establishments, information, assistance during the first visit to a doctor or a hospital.
  • International schools/ kindergartens
    List of the schools, information, arranging of interviews, accompany during interview.
  • Internet, phone, tv
    List of providing companies, support with contract, coordination of instalation.
  • Moving
    Price offer from several moving companies, selection of moving company, coordination of moving process.
  • Bank account
    List of banks, assistance in setting up or closing a bank account.
  • Blue zone parking card
    Information of the process and required documents, ensuring on the base of power of attorney.
  • Car registration
    Information of the process and required documents, ensuring on the base of power of attorney.
  • Driving licence
    Information of required documents, ensuring the exchange of a driving licence based on a power of attorney.
  • Driving school
    List of the driving schools, information, support with coordination of rides.
  • Cleaning/baby sitting
    Information of agencies and private persons providing services, support with selection.